cover to My Love #11

My Love #11, May 1971

cover to Our Love Story #25

Our Love Story #25, October 1973

So, can you spot the difference? Yep, reprinted barely two years after its initial appearance on My Love, the cover to Our Love Story attempts to, er,  de-camp-ify (is that a word?) the paisley shirt clad photographer. The clearly far more manly version has lost his bushy ‘tache, and tucked his shirt in. What this was all about I dunno, but it’s kind of interesting. Moreover, not only is the cover reprinted, pretty much the whole interior is too!! Apart from one story each, the entire contents are duplicated. This was actually not uncommon with these titles, Marvel seizing the opportunity to cut costs by simply reprinting My Love as Our Love Story after a period of time had passed. Both debuting in late-1969, the two titles started strongly with Stan Lee supplying new stories for some of Marvel’s top artists to delineate. John Buscema, John Romita, Don Heck, Gene Colan, and even Jim Steranko all had featured strips, but, as time went on, the new strips were gradually dropped in favour of reprinted material from the 1950s and 60s. And then they seemingly decided even that was too much trouble and just reprinted last year’s comic instead.

With marketing like that, I’d imagine the books never sold particularly well. Indeed, Marvel only had the two romance books, while DC persevered with half a dozen during the same period. It all came to end in 1976 when My Love #39 and Our Love Story #38 were the final issues. Meanwhile, DC carried on with its final title Young Love for another year.

The cover is by Don Heck, and he handles the interior art too for the Stan Lee-scripted “The Loves of a Model”. This sees Bev, a model, in a quandary over which of her prospective beaus to choose: dashing photographer Don, or part time model and med student Paul. So uptight over the decision she has to make, she begins to overeat and quickly gains four pounds. This is disdainfully noted by the editor of Lady Fair magazine. “Suddenly I feel like a tub!” cries Bev, though Paul reassures her that she has nothing to worry about: it just means there’s more of her to love. She works hard to lose the excess weight, and soon Don is complimenting her once more. However, from this, Bev suddenly realises that Don only cares about her if she looks good, while Paul doesn’t care about her weight, he loves her no matter what. Bev kisses Paul, and they go off together, leaving Don alone with his long lens. Awww…

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