This old ad from 1975 is one for which I hold many fond memories. Boy, I wanted one of these Atomic Man dolls—or should that be “action figures”? I don’t think they were ever widely available in the UK, though I could be wrong. I do recall that a boy in my class at school had one and I coveted it. I imagine I would have offered to swap all manner of items with him to possess it, but, alas, it never was mine, and I’m scarred to this day.

Click on the image above for a better look, and thrill to the introduction of the amazing Atomic Man.

You’ll notice that Mike Power seems to have perfectly serviceable limbs—well arms at least—and yet wastes no time in not only building some new parts for himself, he also apparently performs his own amputations! Well, it saves on medical bills, I suppose. I also love the way that he has just the one atomic powered leg. This supposedly means he can now run at 200 mph, but surely would really have meant him hopping past the finish line at record speed.

A TV advert is shown here:

Check out the beard on that other dude! Man, there’s a guy who’s seen life through the bottom of a glass. He’s like DeForest Kelley from the first Star Trek movie.  And, of course, you have to love a guy whose arm can become a helicopter—surely that alone would be worth the pain of chopping off your limb!

Clearly, Mike Power was inspired by the success of The Six Million Dollar Man TV show big at the time, and a few years later I did get to own a Steve Austin doll, er, action figure, so that went some way to easing my pain.

Image ©2012 Hasbro