Destroyer Duck #7

Destroyer Duck #7, May 1984

Here’s an oddity.

Destroyer Duck was created by Steve Gerber in response to his legal battle with Marvel over the ownership of Howard the Duck. Profits from the series were pumped into Gerber’s legal fund. That said, Destroyer Duck was more than just a political rant — though it was that as well — and featured the mis-adventures of a very angry duck in a world he never made. The big difference is that this fowl is not afraid to carry a big gun, nor to use it in pursuit of the defeat of the evil Godcorps. Much satire ensued.

Although the concept was Gerber all the way, the art was pencilled by Jack Kirby (who was himself embroiled in legal arguments with Marvel) and inked by Alfredo Alcala. The combination of Kirby and Alcala is unusual, but not unattractive. I think it’s fair to say though that Kirby was not knocking himself out on the book, but he did some good work.

The last couple of issues of the run are not by Gerber and Kirby and probably best avoided. This last issue, however, has a cover by an unlikely guest star: Frank Miller. Drawn at around the same time he was finishing up Ronin at DC, this is an early glimpse at the art style Miller was to use extensively later in his career — especially on Sin City.

Art ©2008 Frank Miller

Destroyer Duck tm & ©2008 Estates of Steve Gerber and Jack Kirby