Tomahawk #81

Tomahawk #81, July 1962

With British “lobster backs” at their rear, gunrunners Tomahawk and Dan Hunter have nowhere to hide. Thank heavens, then, that at that moment the courageous and vivacious, flag-clad Miss Liberty appears to save their bacon.

Nurse Beth

Miss Liberty is secretly Beth Lynn, a nurse providing medical care on the frontier. When not healing the sick, however, Beth is busying herself organising a ‘female underground’ force that opposes the British at every turn. Remember, one woman’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter! In the end, those plucky gals, with the help of Miss Liberty, manage to smuggle a cache of ammunition right out from under the noses of the British—take that you blighters!

Ooh, I have to be going now, I-I.. have something in my eye…


As obscure a character as she surely is, Miss Liberty went on to make several more appearances in later issues of Tomahawk, as well as popping up in far more recent comics such as All Star Squadron (probably no great surprise, she’s right up Roy Thomas’s street) and Countdown.

Art by Fred Ray.

Images ©2011 DC Comics