More Rudolph

And here is one of the aforementioned covers by Sheldon Mayer. This tabloid comes from very late in the day for the format — 1977 — within a year or so, tabloid comics had gone the way of all flesh. In a last ditch effort to make some money, DC tried filling them will all-new material rather than reprints. As well as the cover, Mayer was responsible for much of the interior.

By this point, Mayer was probably best-known as writer-artist-creator of Sugar and Spike, but was also an extremely well-regarded editorial advisor at DC — and remained so until his death in 1991. Earlier in his career, he was the editor responsible for recommending that National accept a new kind of comics character that was offered to them by two young creators. The year was 1938; the creators were Siegel and Shuster; the character, Superman.

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