How much do I love this book?

Silver Star
was published in 1983 by Pacific, and was Jack Kirby’s final creation. In six issues it tells the tale of Morgan Miller, the product of a genetic engineering experiment. He has all kinds of amazing powers that separate him from regular humanity. He soon discovers, however, that he’s not the only one to have benefited from the experiment. And that one of the others is out to kill him — by laying waste to the whole planet if he has to!

A truly apocalypic tale, the final few issues are extraordinary in their vision of a literal Angel of Death. You’ll not soon forget this glimpse inside Kirby’s nightmares. The character analysis of the villain, Darius Drumm, in the second issue is chilling, and features some of Kirby’s very best writing. The story started life as a screenplay, and the book moves along at a similar clip to a movie. Kirby even referred to it as a “visual novel.”

It’s a book that begs to be read in a single sitting, so this collection is long overdue. Twomorrows are to be congratulated for printing from Kirby’s original pencil art, free of the sometimes sloppy inking that marred the comics. The result is pure, unadulterated Kirby — and it deserves a place on your book shelf.