Young Romance #157, January 1969

Yowza — can this be right? Did DC invent the MILF some 30 years before the movie American Pie popularised the concept?!

Sadly not, but it’s a fun cover anyway. The story inside is nowhere near as racy as the cover suggests. The mom in question is merely a middle-aged woman who dresses and acts younger, much to her daughter’s chagrin. When the daughter’s beau appears to strike up a friendship with the hip mom, fireworks — not to mention the inevitable buckets of tears — ensue. It all ends as you’d expect with the mom realising it’s about time she acted her age, and daughter sighing in the manly arms of boyfriend.

Anyway, all this was indicative of DC attempting to move the rapidly-dying romance genre forward into the 1970s. It ain’t a huge advance, but it was something. And if all the covers had been as lovely as this, it could’ve been really worthwhile. However, they weren’t.

Cover by Nick Cardy

©2009 DC Comics