Newsarama carries news that the Lee and Kirby comic that should have been Fantastic Four 102 will finally see print in its original form sometime soon.

This story was originally rejected by Lee after Kirby turned in the art back in 1970. Lee was unhappy with the direction Kirby had taken the story in, and felt unable to dialogue the strip. With a monthly book to get out, the art and story intended for the following issue was instead used. Kirby left Marvel for DC and the rejected art lay around for a few months before being chopped up, rearranged and published, with new additions by the bullpen, as Fantastic Four 108. It was probably no coincidence that that same month saw DC release Kirby’s first New Gods salvo.
The FF story in its original form has seen print before, so this is hardly something “new”: Jack Kirby Collector has published it, and it recently saw print as an extra feature in the latest Fantastic Four Marvel Masterworks volume. It seems now though that it’s finally going to be inked up by Joltin’ Joe Sinnott and dialogued by Lee, some 36 years late.

As an historical curio it’ll be interesting to see, but as a big “Lee & Kirby — together again!!” Marvel “event” it’s sure to be a disappointment.