Occasionally you may notice some slight similarities in cover design between titles. And then, very rarely, you might get something like this:

Witching Hour #31, Nick Cardy

The Witching Hour #31, June 1973

Witching Hour #45, Nick Cardy

The Witching Hour #45, August 1974

Both designed by Carmine Infantino, both drawn by Nick Cardy, printed just over one year apart on the same title! Clearly something was going on here. I wonder if there had been a very positive response sales-wise to the earlier issue and so when it came time to design the latter, Infantino, stuck for fresh ideas, trotted out one of the more successful designs from the previous year. Or, it could be that, as the earlier cover image has very little to do with the actual story inside, that editor Boltinoff commissioned a tale to go along with it and then had Cardy re-stage the original. Or, perhaps the cover was designed first and Boltinoff solicited story ideas from a couple of writers and liked them both, deciding the run the second a year later.

Whatever the cause, just feast your eyes on a master comics craftsman at the height of his powers—twice! Nick Cardy we salute you.

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