Night Nurse #1

Night Nurse #1, November 1972

In 1972, following on from the pioneering Black Widow solo series in Amazing Adventures, Marvel decided to have a go at attracting a female readership and launched a small line of comics with women as lead characters. They also assigned female writers to the comics, at least at first. Claws of the Cat and Shanna, the She-Devil came from this period. Quite the strangest, however, was this little gem: Linda Carter, Night Nurse.

Look at that Win Mortimer cover, straining as it is under the weight of all that text. “All the glamour — heartache — and throbbing excitement — of a big city hospital.” Why, it sounds like ER in comic form. Linda was created and written by Jean Thomas, then wife of Marvel Editor Roy. Mortimer, of course, was better known as a DC artist, having drawn the Legion, Lois Lane and Supergirl; so Marvel knew what they were doing hiring him.

“The Making of a Nurse!” screams the title. If this had been a super-hero comic, that would read “The Origin of a Nurse!” and not look out of place.

“More thrilling than tomorrow’s headlines!” it claims. They lied.

Alas, poor Linda. Three issues later she got cancelled.

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