Claws of the Cat #3

Claws of the Cat #3, April 1973.

Marvel was attempting to tap into the then-current “Women’s-Lib” movement. At around the same time they also published Shanna, the She-Devil and Night Nurse. None of them lasted very long.

The Cat had rotating art teams, but Linda Fite was the writer throughout. This issue has some lovely art by Golden Age legend Bill Everett, some of his last before his death, over layouts by Paty Greer.

The Cat

What’s really interesting about this comic though is who gets a letter in the letter column.

Why, it’s none other than Frank Miller:

Frank Miller writes

See, even then he was “sick of … helpless-female types.” That would stand him in good stead a few years later when he took over writing and drawing Daredevil: his first act was to create Elektra! And later came Martha Washington, Carrie Kelly, and the Sin City gals….