Batman Annual #2, 1962

The end of the month rolled around last week so I headed off to my regular comics emporium, 30th Century Comics to pick up my regular order. While there I happened to notice some new, rather tasty, items of wall stock. Here’s one: the second Giant Batman Annual. A wonderful tome featuring 80 pages of Batman adventures from my favourite period: the late-50s/early-60s. My, was Batman a silly strip at that time. Totally bonkers! Completely divorced from his grim, dark night crusader origins, by this time Batman was battling aliens, giant robots, gorillas, magical imps, and… girls.

Anyway, an example of the rampant lunacy that ran through these completely brilliant comics can be found right up there on the right of the cover. First you got Batman in black trunks fighting a puma in some jungle, while below that it’s… Yes, it’s Batman and Robin in kilts, serenaded by bagpipes…

Comics just don’t get any better than this.

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