Limited Collectors' Edition

This was an ad that engrossed me for hours when I was a kid. Growing up in the UK, we never got to see these oversize tabloid editions. Some of the Marvel Treasuries made their way over here, but it was late in the 1970s before I saw anything like that from DC. I think the first was the reprint of Superman #1 — certainly it was the first in the town where I was living!

And that was the pain of being a comics fan back then. Comics shops didn’t exist — or only operated in far off exotic lands — and the local newsagents only got regular size comics, even then not the full range. If a comic was a double-size special issue, we never got it. It was impossible to amass long runs of American comics, you were never sure if you’d ever see the next issue.

So ads like this one were a fascinating glimpse into a world we’d never know; a world where comics were big and colourful, and oh so enticing. They even came with “3-D dioramas”, whatever the heck they were! We’d gaze forlornly at pages like this and dream…

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