Was there ever an ad that better showcased the gulf between comics as they had been and comics as they would become? Around 1970, with the influx of fresh, young talent, intent on moving the medium forward, things began to change. “Relevance” had arrived — and things would never be the same.

Here we see the ‘old’ represented by our dearly beloved carrot-topped cub reporter, Jimmy Olsen. In one of the very last Mort Weisinger edited issues, we see him fiddling about, surgical style — they really gave their reporters a diverse training back then! — with Superman, having turned him into a “superhuman computer”. Fun, certainly, but very much yesterday’s news.

Meanwhile, Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams ring in the changes, and send Green Lantern and Green Arrow on a road trip across modern America to highlight the ills of society. It was daring and controversial, and touched on very real concerns. For good or ill, the future of comics had arrived.

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