Superman #307

Superman #307, January 1977

Yep, in this Neal Adams drawn cover young Linda Danvers has only gone and dropped the bottled city of Kandor!Bang, crash, smashed into a gazillion pieces! Oops.

This was a rather wild issue, one of the last before DC adopted the brand new DC bullet logo the following month. Written by Gerry Conway and pencilled by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, it mostly concerns the Man of Steel going up against a brand new super-villain called the Protector. The Protector… er… protects, naturally enough. No surprises there. Instead the surprise comes when you learn that the Protector’s raison d’etre is to protect… pollution!

Yep, got an oil spill you don’t want cleaned up? The Protector is your man. He’s a kind of anti-eco-warrior.

Well, I said it was wild.

It gets even wilder later on when Superman declares war on polluters everywhere because he doesn’t want Earth to end up like Krypton. To that end he embarks on a one-man crusade to rid the world of supertankers.

Superman swears

Then, things get wilder still: Supergirl reveals that Superman’s crusade is all for nought as he doesn’t actually come from Krypton after all! No, he, and Supergirl, are actually mutants!!? Well, y’know, Marvel was hitting it big with mutants at the time in the revived all-new X-Men, so why not have the world’s first super-hero also turn out to be homo superior? To bring home her point most forcefully, Supergirl proceeds to smash Kandor, revealing it to be nothing more than a plastic model.

The tale is “to be continued”, so I’m guessing things might not be all they seem…

Inks here are by Frank Springer and I can’t say he’s a good fit for Garcia-Lopez. Put him over Frank Robbins and it’s a match made in heaven. Over Garcia-Lopez? Not so much.

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