Origin of the Whizzer

When it comes to completely loopy origin stories, there’s few moreso than that of Marvel’s Golden Age speedster, the Whizzer.

Y’see, it all began when Bob Frank was bitten by a deadly cobra in darkest Africa. He fell to the ground unconscious, and therefore unable to see what happened next. A mongoose came charging out of the undergrowth and attacked the cobra. A battle royal ensued, with fur and scales flying in all directions. By the end of the titanic struggle, both of the combatants lay dead.

Then, in an astounding piece of medical insight — some might say insanity — Bob Frank’s dad decides to inject the blood of the mongoose into his comatose son!

Unfortunately, the effort is too much for the old guy, and he drops down dead. No Nobel prize for medicine for Emil Frank.

Incredibly, Bob Frank wakes up a new man. The mongoose blood surging through his veins has not only invigorated him, it’s given him the power of super-speed! Gasp! On his father’s grave the young man vows to fight crime as The Whizzer..!

Bob Frank was many things, but a dab hand coming up with snappy super-hero names he was not.

The Whizzer, in his bright yellow costume, went on to as many as, ooh, several appearances in the Golden Age. Roy Thomas revived the character in the mid-70s as a member of The Liberty Legion, and, if I recall correctly, the Whizzer also did a stint as a member of the Avengers. (No — See Comments)

The Whizzer

Art by Don Heck.

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