I still find myself rather childishly filled with glee whenever I come across yet another instance of this oh so familiar cover layout. Indeed, the layout is so familiar that I completely forgot about this extremely famous X-Men cover:

X-Men #136 cover, John Byrne

X-Men #136, August 1980

That was a brilliant issue! Right in the middle of the Dark Phoenix storyline—and, joy of joys, actually available in the newsagents of Wales. Hurrah! Sadly, the next issue—the issue that concluded the story—wasn’t. Damn those double-sized issues! I don’t think I ever owned #137, though I eventually read it in a reprint somewhere.

Our next entry comes from another classic run:

Daredevil #164 cover, Frank Miller

Daredevil #164, May 1979

Ah, yes. Frank Miller’s Daredevil. How great was that? He wasn’t the writer as yet, but his art was coming along nicely. That blood too: you can have as much blood as you like, as long as it’s black!

Something much more modern now. From 2012, no less, it’s issue #7 of The Incredible Hulk.

Hulk #7 cover, Leinil Francis Yu

Incredible Hulk #7, June 2012

It still works.

X-Men #137 cover by John Byrne and Terry Austin, Daredevil #164 cover by Frank Miller and Wallace Wood (a very late example of his work), Incredible Hulk #7 cover by Leinil Francis Yu.

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