And here we go with yet another celebration of that cover layout. This one again focusses on horror, but rather than the magazines this time we’ll have a look at some colour comics. We’ll stay with the Lord of the Undead for now, prise open the Tomb of Dracula, and see that he started his long Marvel career with this slight variation of the theme:

Tomb of Dracula #1 cover

The Tomb of Dracula #1, April 1972

That one was drawn by the inimitable Neal Adams, although I don’t think his style is immediately obvious. In October 1974 Marvel UK launched a weekly reprint title, but they held over Adams’s cover until the fourth issue. They also flopped the image, but I think it works better this way round.

Dracula Lives UK #4 cover

Dracula Lives #4, October 1974

I don’t really remember much about Dracula Lives. I knew it existed, but I only recall buying just one issue. Not my kind of thing at the time, though I came to love the material in later years. I was much more in tune with Planet of The Apes, which Marvel UK launched at the same time. Indeed, a couple of years later, once sales slipped on Dracula Lives, it was merged into a single title with the Apes—strange days!

Gil Kane was Marvel’s de facto cover artist for much of the early 1970s, and here we see his take on the Prince of Darkness:

Tomb of Dracula #14 cover

The Tomb of Dracula #14, November 1973

Frank Giacoia’s lush inks soften some of Kane’s idiosyncrasies, but it’s a nice image. Note that the blurb invokes Hammer’s 1968 movie.

Finally, here’s another Kane effort. This time the brilliant Tom Palmer wields the brush:

Tomb of Dracula #33 cover

The Tomb of Dracula #33, June 1975

The guy in front sports the classic “dirty nose” look: something that Kane often featured on his covers of this period.

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