Now, Jack Kirby was a complete genius. A powerhouse talent responsible for creating or co-creating countless classic characters. However, he wasn’t always bang on the money…

I give you — Paranex, the Fighting Fetus!


The fighting fetus

Paranex was a member of the Wonder Warriors—or would be one day. Y’see, although he was all-powerful, Paranex hadn’t actually been born yet! He is, in effect, a perambulating incubator in a romper suit. Now, as ideas go, that’s either total brilliance, or utter madness. The jury’s still out. 10 out of 10, though, for coming up with a notion no-one else would even consider.

Now, when you think about it, Kirby’s earlier Silver Surfer—a shiny-skinned alien that travels through space on a surf board—might not seem at first glance to be the strongest idea for a character, so perhaps we ought not dismiss this Paranex kid out of hand. As a wise man once said, there are no bad characters, just badly written ones.

Should you wish to check him out, or toast his imminent birth, Paranex appeared in an epic tale spanning Captain Victory and His Galactic Rangers #7-10, where the crew of the Dreadnought Tiger visited the mysterious Quadrant X. In #10, Cap and his pals finally face off against Paranex, scared to death to “Think of all the laughs we’ll supply to future rangers!!”

Never a truer word was spoken, Jack…

Images ©2011 the estate of Jack Kirby