Batlash ad, Nick Cardy

Beautiful half-page house ad for Bat Lash, in this case taken from The Witching Hour #2 (1969). The cover depicted is issue #4, which was by the comic’s regular artist, the always brilliant Nick Cardy.

In an era of near-ubiquitous cowboys—TV was wall to wall westerns in the late-1960s—Bat Lash was a different kind of hero. He had a penchant for the finer things in life, and, while a serial womaniser in common with many of his lik, was more likely than not to run away from any suggestion of violence. The man with no name he was not. Oh, and he often wore a flower in his hat.

Created by committee, Bat Lash enjoyed a seven-issue run of his own comic, which followed an initial appearance in Showcase. Sergio Aragones—yes, that one—most often provided the plots, while Denny O’Neil scripted. It’s a beautiful piece of work that deserved a far longer run.

Image ©2012 DC Comics