Plop! #4, April 1974

Beneath the typically insane “Nooly Nostrildamus” cover by Basil Wolverton is the usual mix of humour and horror. This one has a framing sequence that sees DC’s three horror hosts–Cain, Abel, and the old witch, Eve–attending a monster convention where they’re to be the Guests of Honour. Unfortunately, the trio are expected to make their audience laugh… and their efforts so to do make up the remainder of the comic.

“Now and Then”, wonderfully drawn by Nick Cardy, has a cowboy fan transported into the old west via a time machine–with fatal results.

Sergio Aragones plots and draws “A Perfectly Crazy Crime” where a would-be criminal has devised the perfect crime. Unfortunately, he ends up dead.

Finally, “The Last Laugh” by Steve Skeats and Frank Robbins concerns the grisly fate of a shady travelling salesman who develops a crush on a very comely farmer’s daughter. Robbins’s work is remarkable, and not least for managing to get this past the Comics Code Authority: buxom Suzy-Bell’s outfits leave little to the imagination!

These main tales are padded out with the regular gag panels and single-pagers. One of the latter is actually drawn by Wolverton himself in a fashion very reminiscent of Robert Crumb.

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