Plop! #5, June 1974

The fifth issue of the humorous horror anthology again has a framing sequence featuring Cain and Abel as they struggle to explain the concept of Plop! to the Easter Bunny, said Bunny being under the impression that all comics are for children and so he ought to be the star attraction. The horror hosts offer up several ghoulish tales with deliciously humorous twists to disabuse him of this notion — none too successfully, it has to be said.

Amongst the usual sight gags and cartoons are two longer stories. One, “The Ultimate Freedom”, is drawn by Sergio Aragones and written by “Coram Nobis”. It concerns plight of a has-been entertainer who suddenly discovers he can fly. While this at first amusues and brings him fame and fortune, it soon proves to be anything but a welcome gift!

Bernie Wrightson draws the second tale, this one scripted by George Kashdan. “Molded in Evil” tells of one Pierre Gouny, a French sculptor famous for his gargoyles. Having grown bored, Gouny has invented a magic formula tha brings a bird sculpture to life. His overbearing wife insists he goes back to making gargoyles, as that’s where the money is, but Gouny instead sculpts himslf a beautiful woman whom he intends to animate. However, his wife discovers her and smashes her to pieces. In revenge, Gouny kills his wife and hides the body inside a new gargoyle sculpture. Unfortunately, he’s made the gargoyle with his magic clay — and it comes to life and kills him!!

There’s also a wonderfully funny Superman gag by Murphy Anderson that sees Lois finally get her comeuppance for constantly baiting Clark Kent.

Cover by Basil Wolverton.

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