Plop! #6, August 1974

Under an even odder than usual Basil Wolverton cover, the madness that is Plop! continues. Bit of a mixed bag, this one. The Sergio Aragones drawn framing sequence has a time travel theme as Cain, Abel and Eve decide to visit the future to see how big a hit Plop! will become. Unfortunately, the mad professor has thrown the wrong switch and, finding themselves in the distant past and in danger of being eaten by neanderthal folk, our heroes have to tell some stories to distract their captors.

Steve Skeates and Mike Sekowsky tell “Bits and Pieces of a Corrupt Life!” where a couple fo ne’er-do-wells reminisce about the life of a hood who has been frozen in a block of ice to wait out the Statute of Limitations on his crimes.

Then Skeates and Aragones reveal the tragedy of the “Depressed Elephant”, a story that involves murder, suicide and bearded ladies.

“The Showdown Sonata” is a three-pager written and drawn by Lee Marrs, one of the few women working in mainstream comics at that time.

Bringing up the rear is “The Uninvited Guest”, again by Skeates, this time drawn by old hand Bill Draut. It’s a lovely little three-pager that would have worked equally well on TV in Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, with which it shares a tonal similarity.

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