Plop! #7, October 1974

Still referring to itself as “new’, this marks the start of Plop!s second year. In common with many of DC’s titles then, Plop! was published bi-monthly. Beneath the traditional bizarre Basil Wolverton, we are once again introduced to the three horror hosts: Cain, Abel and the Old Witch. In the framing sequence the trio have climbed to the top of a mountain, intent on throwing themselves off in order that Superman might come and rescue them before they’re dashed against the rocked below.

As the hosts are indeed plucked from oblivion by Superman (guest-drawn by Kurt Schaffenberger), they each relate a tale of terror to a bemused Man of Steel:

“The Lawn That Devoured Cleveland” concerns a perambulating mound of grass that is adopted by an oddball loner. Growing to giant size, it is eventually ordered to devour Cleveland when its master is fired from his job. As it stands atop a mighty skyscraper, mower-wielding commandos are parachuted in to defeat it. David Michelinie and Sergio Aragones created this mini-masterwork.

“It Came From Beneath the Sink” is a similar tale from the pen of Lee Marrs, with dialogue by Steve Skeates. This time a pile of domestic waste becomes sentient and threatens a town before being killed by muzak.

The issue is rounded out with the Old Witch’s “Switch Ending” which is just an excuse for a gruesome twist, with art by Dave Manak from a Jack Oleck script.

Elsewhere the issue contains the usual mix of gags and groan-inducing puns.

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