Plop! #8, November-December 1974

The 8th riotous issue of Plop! opens with out three heroes less than fondly recalling the time-travel shenanigans of #6. Their pal, the mad professor Savin, insists that he has fixed his time machine, so once again Cain, Abel and the Old Witch travel to the far future to discover how far their fame will spread. Unfortunately, this time they end up in the court of King Arthur!

To amuse the King, the trio tell the tales that make up the main body of the issue. Cain recounts the sorry story of a magician attempting to take a relaxing “Vacation!” (David Michelinie and Ramona Fradon), while Abel has in mind “A Likely Story”  (Steve Skeates and Sergio Aragones) that involves a great detective and his hunt for his most nefarious nemesis. The action involves a device that allows the user to step inside paintings. Finally, Eve, tells of a store with the unlikely slogan, “We’re Always Working for Your Wowweee!” (Skeates and Dave Manak) This sees a hapless employee’s various lunatic schemes to ellicit said “Wowweee!” from the store’s clients.

Needless to say, King Arthur is none too impressed, and orders Merlin to get rid of the pests.

The issue is rounded out with the usual gags.

The artistic highlight here is undoubtedly Ramona Fradon on “Vacation”, who provides her trademark fluid visuals and impeccable storytelling. Basil Wolverton’s cover has to be one of the oddest sights ever. That thing is intended to be his belly button, with its built in observatory lens, rather than some bizare genital construct…

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