Plop! #9, Jan-Feb 1975

This issue of the macabre humour comic finds our horror hosts awaiting the arrival of the kids on Halloween. Fearing the worst kind of trick, the trio offer up some stories as treats. Naturally enough, this doesn’t go down too well!

Cain recounts the cautionary tale of “The Temple of Ikka-Ka-Ka!” (written by Steve Skeates, with art by Sergio Aragones), while Eve tells of “The Killer Kind” (Jack Oleck and David Manak), wherein a scientist goes way too far in his attempts to super-evolve insects. With the kids getting restless, Abel tries “A Nose to Remember!” (Skeates, with Lee Mars) about a princess with the eponymous facial feature and a nightmarish curse.

Unimpressed, the three children wreak terrible revenge on the horror hosts. And Eve wishes she could leave the comic altogether.

Elsewhere we have the usual gag pages and fun under another Basil Wolverton cover.

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