Prez #2 

Prez #2, October 1973

Prez Rickard, the first teen President of the United States, makes an historic tour around the globe and finds war and terror wherever he goes (See, folks, nothing’s changed in the last thiry-odd years). Upon returning the US, Prez address the UN and optimistically delares, “Peace in our time!”

It’s satire. See?

Later, Prez is due to give an award to Chessking, who led the US chess team to Olympic success. Chessking turns out to be a surly sort who cares for nothing but money. When the Russians accuse him of having cheated, he insists on a return match — as long as he makes a million bucks out of the deal. The Russians accept.

The day of the chess match arrives and Prez in in attendance. Chessking and the beauteous Russian white Queen face each other over the field of battle (literally a field, with men playing the chess pieces!), and soon the Russians take the upper hand. Chessking throws a wobbly, insisting that an electronic ray has been used against him. He goes mad and smashes up the field, forfeiting the game. Police arrive and cart him off the jail to cool down.

The White Queen is none to happy to win the game in such a manner, and calls for Chessking’s head.

Within days, robotic chess pieces are blowing up various landmarks around Washington DC. The Press demand action from Prez, and Congress holds an emergency session over the crisis. Before long, Prez is threatened with impeachment!

Prez goes to see Eagle Free, his Native American FBI Chief, who has set up an office in the great outdoors to be nearer his animal pals. Using the uncanny scenting abilities of a fox, and the agility of Eagle Free’s pet monkey (!), Prez and Eagle Free soon find themselves atop the Russian Embassy. From there, they spy several more robotic chess bombs heading out on their deadly missions. Eagle Free commands some birds to fly into the robots’ path, making the ultimate sacrifice as they do so. “Goodbye — M-my winged friends!” sobs Eagle Free. Probably guilt.

Prez and Eagle Free attempt to stop the remaining bombs alone, but fail: “They’re full of electrical energy!” screams Prez.

With that, Eagle Free suddenly realises that the power company must know what’s going on. He and Prez make for the local power station, where they discover that a power drain is registering in a remote area: Chessking’s castle!

 At the castle, the pair find Chessking chained up. The real culprit is… drum roll… the Russian Queen! Gasp! “This is a serious breach of diplomacy,” deadpans Prez.

The Queen pulls a machine gun, but, before she can fire, more of Eagle Free’s feathered friends attack her. All’s well that ends well.

However, there’s an unexpected epilogue: Senator McNitty charges into the Oval Office demanding that “The Right to Gun Control” Amendment be scrapped. “This Amendment must be killed for the safety of all Americans!” shouts McNitty. “It is up to you, Mr. President!”

At that, the lights go out, and a bullet shatters the office window. Twenty minutes later, an ambulance leaves the White House…

Story by Joe Simon, art by Jerry Grandenetti


In this issue we find out that the Vice-President is none other than Prez’s mom!

We also see that Prez has installed a psychedelic “Groove Room” in the White House. I wonder if it’s still there?

©2007 DC Comics