During the early 1970s Julie Schwartz was in charge of filling DC’s sci-fi reprint titles, Strange Adventures and From Beyond the Unknown. In order to give a bit of added value to those few who may have read the stories the first time round — and to give the comics a slightly more modern look — Schwartz often commissioned brand new versions of the old covers. Last week we saw this cover to Beyond the Unknown #12:

That was Joe Kubert’s modern take on Murphy Anderson’s original image, which appeared on Strange Adventures #147 (December 1962):

At that time, Strange Adventures still featured all-new material. It wouldn’t become a reprint title until issue 217, when Schwartz unofficially re-christened it Adam Strange Adventures and used it to re-present the Rann-based shenanigans of the eponymous hero, alongside Atomic Knights reprints and sci-fi shorts.

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