ad for Reach for Happiness

Appearing Heart Throbs #101, this ad trumpets the ongoing soap opera that was Reach for Happiness. Serialised over thirty issues, beginning with Secret Hearts #110, Reach for Happiness told of life in Danville Corners, and focussed on young widow Karen Wilder returning home after her marriage to a Hollywood star ended in tragedy.

What makes this especially interesting for a more mainstream comics audience is that the first four or five installments were drawn by Gene Colan. Colan, of course, soon left romance behind to delineate the more action-packed adventures of Iron Man and others for Marvel. He was replaced by the ever-capable J Scott Pike.

Each chapter of Happiness ran about 15 pages or so, and so there is an awful lot of it — 400 pages or thereabouts — which could make for an interesting collection one day should DC feel man enough to publish one!

Image ©2010 DC Comics