“Time ago and gone…”

Showcasing another page of Colleen Doran’s fabulous art from the sadly neglected DC series Reign of the Zodiac from 2003. Here we have the second splash page of the first issue showing a higher panoramic shot over an Eidolon city, with the focus firmly on one of the trans-dimensional portals that allowed passage from Eidolon to Earth.

Primary among the achievements of the first issue was a very clever storytelling technique whereby Keith Giffen’s dialogue told the story from one point of view, while Doran’s artwork showed the reality—or at least the same events from a counterpoint. It was hard going at first, but very rewarding once you got into the metre of the story. There was an attempt to clarify things further by using different coloured dialogue boxes for each speaker, but this was unfortunately undermined when a few production errors crept in. This wasn’t fatal, but didn’t help the cause of what was already a very complex plot.

Regardless, Reign of the Zodiac, across its eight issue run, proved something of a minor masterpiece—merely hinting at the true greatness that we missed by dint of the series’ early cancellation. This really could’ve been another Sandman, or Y: The Last Man had it been given more of a chance.

Click on the images below for a better look. Pencils by Doran, inks by Bob Wiacek. Lovern Kindzierski provided the colours in the finished book.

Reign of the Zodiac, Colleen Doran

Reign of the Zodiac, Colleen Doran

Reign of the Zodiac ©2012 Keith Giffen