Cover for House of Secrets #94

House of Secrets # 94, Oct-Nov 1971

Here we see in the New Year with the return of an old friend: the girl in the white nightdress. While this isn’t technically a Gothic Romance cover, it has most of the hallmarks of one. The only real difference is that on a romance cover the girl would be awake and cowering/running from some terror instead of being carried unconscious to some unknown fate as here. Compare with the very next issue of HoS HERE, or a genuine Gothic Romance cover HERE.

Not surprisingly, this moody masterpiece is from the pen of Bernie Wrightson, who was then beginning to make his mark on the world of horror/mystery comics. A couple of issues prior to this, he and Len Wein had introduced the prototype of Swamp Thing — a character quickly destined for greater things.

Image ©2010 DC Comics