The yuletide festivities continue with this ad for yet another of the seemingly endless parade of Rudolph tabloids. The red-nosed one bestrode the world of the tabloid like a colossus — his was the very first tabloid, and he was right there pretty much to the end. His seasonal adventures were largely written and drawn by the late, great Sheldon Mayer, who, prior to his involvement with reindeer was one of the most important people in comics history. Among much else in a packed career, it was he who recommended that Siegel and Shuster’s crazy new Superman character deserved a place in DC’s soon-to-be-published Action Comics. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mind you, none of this was new to DC: during the 1950s and early- 60s, Rudolph had his own annual comic. So the tabloids were really just carrying on the tradition. Quite heartwarming really.

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