A short while ago I wrote about the very first American comic I ever owned: Captain America #182

Here is the second American comic that I acquired:

X-Men #92, February 1975

If you’ve read that earlier post, you’ll recall I’d had a spell in hospital following my mysterious collapse in the street. I know I was back home when I got this comic, so I’d imagine it was bought for me as a ‘welcome home’ gift.

Now, while I can remember practically every line and image of the Captain America comic, I can recall almost nothing of this X-Men one. I do remember Red Raven being in it, that the Angel was the main protagonist, and the action taking place on an island, but beyond that it’s all a blur. The issue itself is actually a reprint of X-Men #44, which was the first appearance of Red Raven—a Simon and Kirby misfire—since his one and only Golden Age comic way back in 1940! Hard as it may be to believe these days, in the early-1970s the X-Men were such failures that their book was a reprint-only title for several years.

I really must go back and read this some time to see if it rings any bells.

Cover by Ron Wilson

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