Sgt Rock's Prize Battle Tales cover

The 80-page giant issues remain marvelous value: a wonderful chunk of classic stories and art, usually for a price far smaller than the cost of collecting the individual issues. Though the 80-Page Giant series originally had its own numbering and mostly comprised Annuals (although, despite the name, the Superman and Batman ones came out more frequently than that), the title eventually came to be incorporated into the regular numbering of various DC series. Once or twice a year you’d get an 80-page giant issue chock full of reprints, pin-ups and features, so these were essentially the DC equivalent of Marvel’s Annuals — but at a lower cost to the company (Marvels annuals tended to feature new material — at least, at first). This is an ad for the 1969 Our Army at War issue (OAAW #203, or 80-Page Giant #G56 if you prefer), which had Kanigher stories illustrated by a stellar array of talent (Kubert, Novick, Drucker and Heath) under a cover by Kubert.

Move ’em out Easy!

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