A very fondly-remembered ad, this. Appearing comics around 1977, it announced the arrival of Steve Ditko’s latest creation: Shade, the Changing Man. Something about this image fascinated me, and I really wanted to see the book. Naturally enough, Shade didn’t get distributed in the UK — well, not until the last few issues anyway. So I read the last issue first, and then nothing for years until I had access to comic shops and got ahold of the remainder of the title’s truncated eight issues. And… it’s good stuff. In typical Ditko fashion, one has no real idea of what the heck’s going on — man escapes his home planet using an experimental “M-Vest” that magnifies his emotions, or something — but it’s a fun ride getting there.

Sadly, however, the axe fell before the story concluded — although there was one final issue that saw print only in the near-legendary Cancelled Comics Cavalcade.

Rac Shade, we salute you.

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