Didn’t DC do well? Not surprising, I guess, given that this coverage was printed in DC comics. ACBA was an early attempt to create talking shop/union for comic book creators, but wasn’t wildly successful as there was no consensus on just what ACBA should be or stand for (some wanted it to merely celebrate the form, while others felt it ought to campaign on behalf of creators). It did however pave the way for greater creator rights, many of which only began to be instituted once ACBA was long gone.

While it was running it presided over the annual Shazam awards, with this ad announcing the first set of winners from 1971. As you can tell, it was pretty much Green Lantern/Green Arrow’s year, with the world of comics being wowed by Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams’s ‘Hard Traveling Heroes’ arc. Nice to see the seriously under-rated Bob Oksner getting a rare moment of recognition though.

Art by Neal Adams.

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