ad for Showcase #72 Top Guns of the West

Unusually, coming as it does in the middle of a fertile period, Showcase #72 featured a bunch of western reprints. DC’s tryout title had recently been home to spoof pop music group The Maniaks, the Spectre and, er, B’Wana Beast, and would soon usher in the debut appearances of Hawk and Dove and the Creeper. Still, this makes for an undemanding breather.

While the regular purchaser might be disappointed by the reprint nature of the book, one can’t argue with the calibre of the artists on offer. Beneath the new Russ Heath cover was work from Carmine Infantino on the Trigger Twins, Alex Toth on Johnny Thunder, and a Joe Kubert short piece. All grand stuff.

The “Top Guns” title was quickly reused for a couple of Super DC Giant one-offs, while Johnny Thunder had to wait ’til 1973 to get his own title—and even then it was more reprints…

Image ©2012 DC Comics