An ad from 1966 showcasing the exportation of DC product to other media. In the wake of the frankly staggering success — for a week or two, anyway — of the Batman tv show, the original movie was launched and the Batman newspaper strip brought back from oblivion.

My attitude to THAT tv show changed over the years. I first saw it when I was around 8, and the episode had something to do with the Joker and a baseball team. Absolutely adored the show then. Several years later, I hated it with a passion for daring to make fun of comics! Obviously I took my comics very seriously back then…

There was a strike by breakfast television staff in the late-80s, which led to the channel broadcasting episodes of Batman instead of the usual comfy genial chat. And I fell in love with the series all over again — especially relishing any appearance by the devine Julie Newmar as Catwoman (accept no substitutes). It has to be said that every episode is the same, but, taken one at a time — more than that and you’d surely be driven batty — they hold up really well.

Shame it’s not on DVD really.

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