I went to see Spider-Man 3 yesterday. I thought it was pretty good, though not as good as the previous two. The main problem seemed to be that there was just too much going on. Like Batman Forever it had too many villains, and like X-Men 3, there were too many plotlines running. The Sandman and Venom stories were strong enough on their own, without the other being added to the mix. And Gwen Stacy was shoehorned in for no particular reason. Of course, the movie Mary Jane is more like the comics Gwen, and so the movie Gwen is more like the comics Mary Jane… Ah well.

Still, it provided a lot of grand spectacle and many darn fine pure comicbook moments. The big final battle is probably about as close to a moving comic page that you’re ever gonna see in a live-action movie. Though why-oh-why do movie super-heroes always lose their masks??!

Naturally enough, for this front-facing true believer, the highlight of the film was provided by Stan Lee’s cameo. “I guess one man can make a difference,” quoth The Man. “’nuff said.”


If he’d only added “Excelsior!” as he turned away from Parker, I’d’ve had him up for an Oscar next year!