During the early 1970s Julie Schwartz was in charge of filling DC’s sci-fi reprint titles. Strange Adventures and From Beyond the Unknown offered the buying public a rare chance—rare in comics at any rate—to engage their imaginations with tales of scientific extrapolation and wonder. While the latter title had been all-reprint from the start, Strange Adventures had been an anthology book for most of its life. It latterly became home to Deadman, before being given over to Adam Strange reprints.

In order to give a bit of added value to those who may have read the stories the first time round—and to give the comics a slightly more modern look—Schwartz often commissioned brand new versions of the old covers. Here is the impressive cover to From Beyond the Unknown #12 (Sept 1972):

From Beyond the Unknown, Joe Kubert

This was actually Joe Kubert’s modern take on an original image by Murphy Anderson. Here is the cover to Strange Adventures #147 (December 1962):

Strange Adventures, Murphy Anderson

At the time this cover originally saw print, Strange Adventures still featured all-new material. It wouldn’t become a reprint title until issue #217, when Schwartz unofficially re-christened it Adam Strange Adventures and used it to re-present the Rann-based shenanigans of the eponymous hero. He backed these up with Atomic Knights reprints and a wide variety of sci-fi shorts from DC’s rich history of SF anthologies. A rich history which had, sadly, come to an end by 1972—hence the reprints. It wouldn’t be until that late-1970s that DC tried again, launching a new version of Mystery in Space and debuting the Time Warp title. Both were impressive in their ambition. Both equally short-lived.

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