Supergirl and Wonder Woman ad

Taken from Girls’ Love Stories #180, November-December 1973, the final issue of that title, this ad shows the soon to be bereft readers what female friendly delights awaited elsewhere in DC’s output. Not a great deal of choice is given here it has to be said, and even Lois Lane is missing from the lineup. Mind you, both Lois and Supergirl were not long for the world at this time. Supergirl #8, shown here with a lovely Bob Oksner cover, was the penultimate issue before a paper shortage put the book on hiatus for the best part of a year. Even then, #10 was the last issue. Lois suffered a similar fate.

Wonder Woman was, on the face of it, more lucky. I say on the face of it because this was in the interregnum between the white catsuit Mike Sekowsky years and the appointment of Julie Schwartz as editor. Bob Kanigher was in charge and seemed not to have noticed that a new decade had dawned since he last controlled the Amazon princess. He was clearly bored and marking time. He spent this period re-hashing old Golden Age plots, much as he had during the days before Sekowsky’s attempts to “rescue” the book. An out of his depth Ric Estrada tried his best on pencils, but was not suited to the character. This run is perhaps summed up by the introduction of Nubia, Wonder Woman’s black sister…

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