This week, we’re going to be taking a look at this quite brilliant comic: 

DC Special #16

Super-Heroes Battle Super-Gorillas. Really, what more could you ask from a comic??

DC Special #16, Spring 1975. DC Special was a giant-size title that, for the most part, featured reprints that fitted the theme of a particular issue. This one does what it says on the tin and reprints a host of Silver Age tales where super-heroes do indeed duke it out with those of a simian persuasion. Gorilla Grodd and Titano are all present and correct.

DC Special was also, on occasion, a try-out book for new titles. As this one must’ve sold reasonably well, the first issue of a regular series got printed the next year. It’s not as good, so we’re not going to study it right now — but here’s the cover anyway:

Super-Heroes Battle Super-Gorillas #1

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