Superboy #55

Superboy #55, March 1957

Superboy #75

Superboy #75, September 1959

In the Silver Age, when they had a great idea for a cover they weren’t afraid to use it again. And again.

Y’see, kids, back in the day, chastising youngsters like you by spanking them was all the rage—especially when they weren’t being whipped, caned, or sent up chimneys—and the parent would receive no censure for it. These days, of course, it’s all very different: your Dad could end up doing a stretch in prison for behaving like this, and you’d never get away with publishing covers like these. Might be kinds fun to see Wolverine getting a good whack over Jean Grey’s knee, mind.

You can just imagine Marvel or DC launching one of those month-long events with themed covers of all their characters receiving the kinkiest of corporal punishments.

“Hey, Mr Didio..!”

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