Super-Heroes vs Super-Villains

Super-Heroes vs Super-Villains, one-shot 1966

Published especially “For Collectors” — it says so right there in the indicia — this one shot was a collection of reprints of various Mighty Comics stories. Mighty Comics was an imprint of Archie in the mid-60s when it tried to cash in on the Marvel-led super-hero boom. Archie revived several of its Golden Age characters, gave them a dusting down, and gave them an airing for a whole new audience, along with a few new characters for good measure. The Shield, The Comet, Flyman, The Web and several others were all present and banded together to form The Mighty Crusaders.

Most of the stories were written by Superman creator Jerry Siegel, though it must be said that they are hardly his strongest efforts. Camp was the order of the day, and while that sort of worked on live action shows like Batman, it grates badly on the page. Several covers proudly proclaimed the comics the work of “Dick-Vic-Bob and Paul” though who the heck they were is anyone’s guess. “Paul” might’ve been artist Paul Reinman I suppose.

After about a year, Mighty Comics disappeared back into the ether and Archie went back to solely publishing the adventures of, er… Archie and his pals.