Superman ad

The “five most-requested stories of the 1950s” claims the ad line. Who requested them, I wonder? And by what mechanism were they requested?

The first Lori Lemaris tale is a bit of a classic and has been reprinted on many occasions, much like the first ‘Supergirl’ story (not the same as the first Supergirl story — this one was a dry run, done about a year before the more famous one). And Brainiac was a much-used villain in the 1960s, so it’s understandable that readers might ask how the Man of Steel first met him. But, really, how many people would ask to see the origins of Mala (who? you cry) or Metallo?

Or could it be, is it possible, that E Nelson Bridwell (for it most likely was his work) merely chose the stories he wanted to see (or were closest to hand!) and the ‘request’ stuff was just hype? Hmmm…

Beautifully designed ad, though.

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