Marvel Treasury ad, Superhero Holiday Grab-Bag

One of my all-time favourite covers gets showcased in this great full page ad for Marvel Treasury Special from late 1974. The toothy grin on the Hulk is perhaps a little out of character, but otherwise big John Buscema has done a great job. I well remember this being advertised in Marvel UK comics at the same time, though I never saw a copy thanks to the always spotty distribution of these tabloid comics.

The book itself is one of the better ones, featuring some solid gold reprints, including the fabulous second Hulk/Thing bust-up from Fantastic Four #25 and 26. There’s also a beautiful Gene Colan drawn, Bill Everett inked Black Widow tale—and that’s an artistic pairing for the ages. Two later Grab-bags appeared in the regular Marvel Treasury Edition title.

This ad hails from Master of Kung Fu #25 if you want to track it down.

Image ©2012 Marvel Characters, Inc