An interesting two-pager this. Heralding the big changes wrought in the Man of Steel’s eponymous series when Julie Schwartz took over the editing chores from long-time boss Mort Weisinger, it presents one of the very rare occasions where Curt Swan inked his pencils. This is pure Swan and proves — if proof were needed — just what a brilliant artist he was. He wasn’t always best-served by his inkers, certainly in later years, so this is a chance to see what we may have been missing.

When Schwartz arrived he instigated some sweeping changes to Superman, including ridding the world of Kryptonite, moving Clark Kent from newspapers to television, and drastically reducing Superman’s powers. Denny O’Neil was brought in to write, with the hope that his work would prove as successful as it had on Green Lantern. Unfortunately, the changes were not reflected in the other titles in which Superman appeared (Action, World’s Finest, etc), and many of them ended up being fairly short-lived.

Nice to see here, for one panel, Swan’s take on Jack Kirby’s Newsboy Legion characters, and Bob Kanigher’s Rose and Thorn.

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