Superman #180

Superman #180, October 1965

The Man of Steel finds himself the plaything of a beautiful strong young woman on this lovely Curt Swan cover, while a bevy of scantily clad females look on. And look at the ease with which she manages it. “Great Krypton!” moans our hero, “For the first time in my life I’ve been beaten by a girl!”

I don’t know why he’s so upset — some men would pay good money for that sort of thing…

Later, of course, Red Sonja built a career on promising to bed the first person to defeat her in battle, so it’s interesting to see Superman reverse that particular notion some years previously.

That “World’s Best-Selling Comics Magazine” tag is also interesting. I wonder if it was literally true (which seems unlikely), or just a bit of shameless hype on the part of editor Mort Weisinger? Or was he merely riffing on Stan Lee’s long-time boast of the Fantastic Four being the “World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”?

Image ©2011 DC Comics