Action #325

Action Comics #325, June 1965

Yep, it’s a giant-sized Superbaby menacing Krypton! The story sees Superman being turned into a giant by Red Kryptonite (the element that causes Kryptonians to undergo strange transformations) when he tackles a gang of space raiders who want to steal all the world’s iron. Without powers, he recalls a time when something similar happened to him as a baby on Krypton (what a life he’s led!).

Jor-El was testing his vegetable growth ray when young Kal-El accidentally wandered into the beam and grew to gaint size. Fearing for Krypton with a giant baby on the loose, Jor-El pretended to be an elf (don’t ask) and guided the youngster in doing various good deeds. Eventually, Jor-El took him to a mysterious and forbidden lake that shrinks things, and Kal-El was returned to normal.

Having picked up a few ideas from his reverie, the giant Superman rolls around in mud, pretends to be a godlike being and sends the alien raiders on their way. The Earth is saved. Hooray!

At the same time, over at Marvel, Stan and Jack were gearing up for the arrival of the Inhumans and Galactus…

Art by Curt Swan.