Tarzan advert

Advertising the first of two Tarzan tabloids in 1973, and helpfully pointing out that it’s bigger than a regular comic. Both volumes are well worth seeking out actually. Joe Kubert was absolutely at the top of his game on the Tarzan comic, and it was a dream project for him. Amongst many new jungle stories, Kubert adapted several of Burroughs’s original novels and short stories.

The tabloid avertised here was C-22, which is an adaptation of the first Tarzan novel — his origin, if you like — while the second, C-29, adapted the sequel. One of the great missed opportunities of the tabloids was not releasing Kubert’s third novel adaptation, Tarzan and the Lion Man, in the format.

I don’t know that the tabloids were actually all that “limited”, they’re not terribly difficult to get hold of these days. But it makes for a good ad line, I guess.

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